Migrants work

God limitless love .. to all the people

„We don't know, how much time remains, untill the gospel reaches the whole world. but what we know for sure is that, one day it will happen, which why we pray and keep our service today.“
reaching those who speak foriegn languages

How do we present ourselves under the Migrants project.

We have found God’s peace in Jesus Christ, who gave us a new full life. Who could better talk to them about beliefs, let the broken hearts heal again, and give new hope?

Refugees flee not only for political reasons. Behind the current wars are to a large extent religious motives. Many fugitives have a deep need to talk about theological questions and want to examine and learn the Christian faith.

Jesus has always helped by word and deed. So we dedicate ourselves to social tasks, take our responsibility in collaboration with government employees and many honorary staff who provide great assistance.

giving a chance to the Refugees

Giving advices to communities about working with Migrants

your community would like to work with Migrants, but doesn’t know how?
Our Migrants work team helps you gladly.



  • Comprehensive expertise from many years of missions
  • Integrations attendant (Academy for World Mission)


We want to directly uproot and help people find a new identity and home. On the other hand, we want to help municipalities and interested people to become self-employed through lectures, seminars and free-time activities. It is important to deal with the following topic complex: What cultural and religious backgrounds must be taken into account, especially among Muslims? What are the possible ways of doing this? In literature, courses, etc., to convey to them the love of God?

Through direct personal help. By multiplying and training those who want to help but have no basis for it. As a result, many migrants have already found their way into a new, spiritual family and are no longer merely seeking help, but are also serving their gifts and enriched by their special nature.

An international team with many intercultural experiences as well as with a German, English and French language background or knowledge. The problems and chances of the refugees are known to them through their own experience or through training as migrants.

To the extent that people can be moved to bring this work financially and through prayer. We reckon with the generous help of those who have a heart for work but can only help indirectly through financial gifts through certain circumstances.

Christians who are themselves seized by the love of God, willingly sharing this wonderful treasure with those who also long for love and acceptance. People who can not be paralyzed by fear and obstacles, but courageously and in the minds of Jesus enable human beings to find a safe home in His succession.

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