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Exclusively thanks to your donations, to your requests and with the aid of voluntary collaborators, in exception currently of two full-time employees and two others part-time.

A big part of the support comes from the communities and individuals members of Christenbund (Christian federation) of Württemberg. Many friend missions from different confessions support SAHEL LIFE by more or less monthly donations. Each of our missionaries is also supported personally by his church, his friends and, sometimes, by his family. If this support is not enough to cover his needs, then we cover it if as much as possible with general donations. Our biggest plans are financed by’« Opfer für Weltmission» (donation for worldwide mission) annually of the synod of the national Protestant Church of Württemberg.

Yes, and we deal with it with great deal of transparency. We always put the incoming donation in the place where it should be, with every movement of the it from the transfer along to the respective project being funded.
It’s important for us that the administration and management costs, so we reside under a low level of 8% since years.

This is related to the actual need of the respective project. Basically we can say that most kinds of jobs are wanted and, then the hiring will be made as soon as the applicant has met the required measures to join the mission.

There is always the possibility to get into preparation period and also learning courses.

This process goes differently from one person to another. but the most feel that they got a sign from God to take this way. later to verify the true reason behind this wish we go through detailed personal interview,so at the end it would be clear if it’s the right decision or not.

Of course we higly consider the good training and preparation in this zone. and later according to the future positions requirements it’s possible to get a training course.

Our faith comes from the Protestant alliance background.

That depends on the country where the position is open, Our main interest is for the French speaking Sahel zone countries. but it’s not always a condition to have the language, this could be done through the preparation process and also in the host country. for the short term missionaire it’s a very useful to have the language of the people where the job being held.

as per the law it’s not possible. the preparation process of the travellers of the workers to Africa is not possible in such short time. ofcourse that doesn’t include the agreed visits.

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