„Alone we go faster, together we go further.“

(African word of wisdom)

since the establishing of SAHEL LIFE, we work execlusively with partner organisations together, those who have the same goals to achieve, and also the same vision which SAHEL LIFE has.

This enables the common use of the organisation structure like administration and human resources, which save the donations by reducing expenses and also as a live example of the christian common work.

Evangelism and social welfare work in the broadest sense are the basis for our collective action in service to the people of the Sahel, to the needy, marginalized and unreached people groups.

Action Missionnaire Internationale – AMI-P is a french mission,it is active in Chad for 50 years. Moreover, they are active among African communities in Paris and more recently in Togo.

“Together help to change lives!” Is the motto of the SAM (Swiss Alliance Mission), currently engaged worldwide in 7 countries.  the SAM defined four main themes as their main focus: Theological education and practice, medical work and prevention, basic and vocational education, improving people’s livelihood.

with these words TEAM works globally in about 35 countries, their vision is to change the world through the church, this why their workers are involved in Evangelism, establishing faith groups, community development, health care, training, social justice and a lot more.

Converge Worldwide is a union of churches, with a target to work worldwide in creating new faith communities and strengthen the old ones, through projects as the project of crearing new faith communities, throwing training courses for community leaders and practical service, to show the people the love of God. In 2015 SAHEL LIFE started a new partnership project to cover Cameroon.